Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

Company name Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd (TOCOS) begun its operation in 1957 as an electronic components manufacturer specializing in quality potentiometer products for industrial applications. Since then, we have expanded the portfolios of potentiometers serving customer needs. On another front, we started a mass production of electronic components for automotive applications in 1976 and wireless modules in 2010. This is how we have grown steadily as an electronic components manufacturer.

In pursuit of our slogan of CS (Customer Satisfaction), we have established a system which responds quickly to customers various needs in a greatly changing global economy.


Sensors for Automotive Applications

TPS (Throttle Position Sensors)
Torque sensors (Power steering)
Height sensors
Non-contact Angle Sensor

TPS Application Examples

TOCOS Power Steering Torque Sensor