公司名 日本田村精工电子有限公司
URL http://www.tamura-ss.co.jp/

Tamura Seiko Electronics (Changshu) Co.Ltd.is located in Meinan Road, Meili Town. Imposing strict quality control from each procedure of the product in terms of design, production, sales and after-sale service. Tamura gives all she has to provide customers with quality products and perfect after-sales services. With fine performance of products, extraordinary quality, reputation-orientation and sound service, our company gains high opinions and trust from customers and welcome the visit of our customers and friends. The company provides wide stage for the development of every employee and gives them confidence to face various challenges in an environment full of competition and show what they can do in this innovation age! Relying on “advanced equipment, professional team and well-rounded management system” and following the philosophy of “reputation, quality, service and efficiency”, the company has grown into an enterprise with outstanding brand in the ever-changing economic tide.


Current Sensors

Power Transformers for Automotive